The word yoga means union, or to integrate. Yoga is a bringing together of different parts. It is a mind/body/spirit practice that promotes integration and balance. Research reveals that regular yoga practice supports the treatment of mental health illnesses and other stress related health problems. Yoga calms the nervous system, increases awareness physically, mentally and emotionally, relieves stress, reduces muscle tension and enhances attention and concentration.

The practice of yoga draws our focus from the outer world to our inner experiences. Students learn to bring compassionate attention to their breath and bodies while in postures both dynamic and still. With time and guidance, students learn to regulate their breath and live in their bodies, becoming more present with sensations, issues and discomfort. Yoga gives people a first hand experience that everything changes and
fluctuates. Students learn that emotions ebb and flow and that sensations, thoughts and emotions are passing states. As students practice and really pay attention, they learn that they are much more than stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and disease. A sense of resilience, stability and calmness unfolds.

The yoga teachers at the Healing Therapeutic Alliance are trauma informed and work relationally in a somatic psychotherapeutic manner. You do not have to have any previous experience with yoga to book a session, just a curiosity and willingness to connect to self.