Embodied Healing –
6 Week Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Movement Series

Mondays, January 20th – March 2nd (no group on Family Day Monday)
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

$180.00 (includes tax)

The Healing Therapy Alliance
55 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 507

Facilitated by Lisa Mitchell, M.Ed, RYT, Psychotherapist in Training

Yoga is an ancient system promoting healing and wellness of the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. Yoga is a powerful tool to help integrate the whole self through physical movements, breathing, and mindful attention.

Trauma can occur through events that threaten our life or body. It can also occur through ordinary events that exceed our ability to cope. To heal from trauma, a connection must be made to oneself, including one’s body. Yoga encourages this process. With Lisa’s guidance, you will practice cultivating a more positive relationship with your body through mindfulness, breathing, and gentle postures. No yoga experience is required. Breathing and moving exercises will be gentle and accessible for most people. 

 Participants will be encouraged to:

  • Invite compassionate awareness for their present moment experience
  • Begin to develop a deeper relationship with their body
  • Cultivate a relationship with their breath
  • Explore self-soothing strategies, like grounding, to develop a sense of safety and stability
  • Discover a sense of centre
  • Make choices

Each class is one hour and there is space for a maximum of five participants. This is a closed group and no new comers will be permitted once the series begins. 

To register, contact Lisa by January 13th at lisamitchell@mac.comBefore the group starts, Lisa will set up a short telephone call to discuss participation. Payment of $180 is required by January 13th in order to participate. E-transfer funds to