Addictions Counseling

Addiction counsellors work to educate you about the symptoms, behaviours and long-term effects of substance abuse and addictive behaviours. Education is an essential part of preventing and treating substance abuse and addiction. Our counsellors will help you explore new ways of dealing with difficult emotions without relying on destructive behaviours or chemical substances to cope.

Substance abuse and addictive behaviours can create significant changes in the biology of the brain and body. At Healing Therapy Alliance, we believe that through education and relapse prevention, we can turn these potential health problems around or even avoid them all together. We believe that it is never too late to help reverse the damage done by destructive behaviours and initiate the healing process.

Relapse prevention is a necessary part of addiction counselling. Learning about triggers, preventing relapse, and how to recover in the event of a relapse are essential parts of addiction education. Our counsellors provide effective methods for life-long abstinence from addictive substances and behaviours. With new tools and awareness, you will be empowered to lead a healthy life. Our team of counsellors is here to support you every step of the way in your recovery process.