Child and Youth Therapy

Our Child, Teen, and Family program offers consulting and treatment services for children and teens (6-19 years old) who are struggling with their mental health, trauma experiences, and/or challenges with substance use.  When young people are struggling with their mental wellness and trauma experiences, we often see difficult behaviours instead of stories about the child’s emotional experiences.  These difficult behaviours in fact tell a story that the young person may be in pain. Through our compassionate approach that addresses both the mind and body, young people and their families will be able to address pain-based behaviours and experience our evidence-informed therapies, conventional treatments, and holistic solutions.

Customized treatment plans are offered by a child and youth psychotherapist(s) trained and experienced in implementing EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) with young people, trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and meditation, yoga therapy, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy with children, teens and young adults.  Through the use of these treatments, we work with children and families to get them back on the healthiest developmental path.

Our program integrates both the left and the right hemispheres by incorporating cutting-edge therapies and holistic interventions. So, please reach out for support if you find that your child and/or youth is struggling with:

  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties caused by distressing, difficult, or scary life experiences;
  • Having been involved in a bullying or traumatic incident and they are having trouble moving past it;
  • Having been involved in an accident and they can’t stop remembering or reliving it;
  • Struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, self-harm, or substance use;
  • Having witnessed or heard violence in or out of the home;
  • Struggling with a divorce, loss, or death of a parent or caregiver.